A unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments

29 February

To experience the world’s natural beauty, landscapes, and untouched wilderness, you might consider visiting the following destinations, each offering a unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments.   Each of these destinations...[Read More]

A Journey through the world’s top culinary destinations

22 February

Exploring the world’s top culinary destinations is a feast for the senses, offering a blend of traditional flavours and innovative gastronomy. Here are some of the most renowned places known for their exceptional culinary experiences:   Tokyo,...[Read More]

Ultimate Road Trip Checklist: Navigating Your Next Adventure with Ease

15 February

Planning a road trip can be an exciting adventure, offering a unique blend of freedom, discovery, and bonding opportunities. Whether you’re exploring familiar landscapes or venturing into unknown territories, preparation is key to ensuring a...[Read More]

Bendigo named top town on the back of Loong the dragon

14 February

It’s a very good year of the dragon in Bendigo. The Victorian regional city, which is home to the world’s oldest complete Chinese processional dragon, has been named Australia’s Town of the Year. Bendigo’s Golden Dragon Museum is one if the...[Read More]

Architectural wonders: A journey through time and culture

8 February

When it comes to experiencing cultural architecture, the world is rich with destinations that showcase the history, art, and innovation of human civilization. Here are some top destinations known for their distinctive architectural...[Read More]

‘Threat’ of rivalry can be enough to lower airfares

31 January

Airline passengers typically pay half the amount for a ticket serviced by three carriers than if the route is flown by just one. A federal task force has revealed a sector sensitive to competition, with research suggesting the “mere threat” of...[Read More]

Electric vehicle shipping problems cause a real stink

25 January

Australia has missed a major electric vehicle milestone and the reason for it stinks. Sales of low-emission vehicles had been tipped to top 100,000 for the first time in 2023 after their popularity more than doubled throughout the year. But just as...[Read More]

Fares lose altitude as more flights cleared for takeoff

24 January

Australians travelling overseas can expect cheaper airfares in 2024 as new carriers and bigger aircraft bring more seats to key destinations online. After reaching historic highs following the COVID-19 pandemic, international airfares fell in the...[Read More]

Under 35s driving cruise ship resurgence

18 January

One in four Australians plan to go on a cruise this year, with younger people the most likely to set sail, a new survey has revealed. The figure is more than three times that of last year, representing a much-needed recovery for the cruise industry...[Read More]

Electric car charging stations tipped to double again

17 January

Electric vehicle charging sites will double in Australia again over the coming year, according to a new report, on top of record-breaking growth over the past 12 months. The analysis, released by consulting firm Next System on Tuesday, found...[Read More]

Need ChatGPT in the car? Crazy vehicle tech at CES 2024

11 January

Vehicles driven using game controllers, delivery vans you can turn into taxis, and cars with ChatGPT on the dashboard have been revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The annual innovation summit kicked off on Tuesday, Australian...[Read More]

New leader in the race for cheapest electric vehicle

10 January

The title of Australia’s cheapest electric car has been nabbed by a new vehicle after its maker launched a $4000 discount to boost sales. GWM has driven away with the title after launching the price cut on its entry-level Ora vehicle that will now...[Read More]

Farmer urges rural Aussies to consider electric cars

3 January

A farmer in remote Western Australia has called on motorists in regional and rural areas to consider trading in their diesel vehicles for electric models, saying they could unlock the biggest benefits. Jeffrey Johnson, who lives on a 1750-acre...[Read More]

Electric car show returning to Australia, twice as big

27 December

Australia’s biggest electric vehicle show is poised to double in size after moving to a significantly larger venue and promising to deliver “several thousand” test drives. The Everything Electric show, to be held at the Sydney Showground in...[Read More]

Passport prices flying high thanks to 15 per cent hike

13 December

Australians will have to shell out nearly $400 for a new passport after another increase was announced in the mid-year budget update. Along with routine annual indexation in line with the consumer price index, travellers will be hit with a 15 per...[Read More]