How Australians spend their tax refund


How Australians spend their tax refunds

  • 84% ā€“ Taxpayers lodge returns on time1
  • $2,574 ā€“ Average tax refund2
  • 33% ā€“ People do their own tax1

What MoneySmart users say they did with their tax refund3

  • 29% ā€“ Paid bills
  • 21% ā€“ Saved it
  • 16% ā€“ Didnā€™t get a refund
  • 13% ā€“ Loans or credit card payments
  • 9% ā€“ Home loan payments
  • 5% ā€“ Holiday
  • 5% ā€“ Other things (including engagement ring, education, car rego/tyres, party)
  • 2% ā€“ Household appliances

Make the most of your tax refund: Work out where you can make a difference

Reduce debt stress

  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Mortgage
  • Outstanding bills or fines

Stash it away

  • Emergencies or unexpected costs
  • Super
  • Home deposit

Reward yourself

  • Take a break
  • Home improvements
  • Pamper yourself just a little

Check out ourĀ top tips for tax refunds.


Get financial advice

For large amounts of money, such as an inheritance or a redundancy payment, you might consider getting professional financial advice. An adviser can help you develop a plan to make the most of your money.



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